Traditional and Modern Hair Color Services
in Somerset, PA

Premium Hair Color Artistry at AristaCuts Hair & Tanning Salon

AristaCuts Hair & Tanning Salon provides the best hair color and highlight services in Somerset County, PA. Our trained and licensed stylists can create and replicate any color design with skill and artistry. From a simple toning treatment, to accent your natural hair, to bright and bold colors that will stop anyone on the street, AristaCuts can cover you.

Call (814) 444-9999 or visit our salon today to get the color you deserve and have been longing for.

Modern Technology Allows for Gorgeous Hair Color in Record Time

Our expert colorists at AristaCuts use a vaporizing mist processor to deposit color into the hair. This technology allows a vibrant, saturated application with a beautiful shine while also cutting down the developing time.

This means that it will take even less time for you to get rich, pigmented color developed in your locks. The color you desire is only moments away when you book an appointment with us.

Customization to Achieve the Vibrant Color You Want and Need

AristaCuts offers a wide variety of color and highlight services to perfectly match the look you are aiming for.

Our stylists have years of experience with these coloring services:

  • Single Color Application
  • Corrective Color
  • Foil Highlights and Lowlights
  • Artistic and Alternative Color
  • Spot or Section Coloring
  • Ombre and Balayage
  • Multi-Colored Hair
  • Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Other Options
  • …and More

Coordinate Your Color with a Fresh New Haircut

A fresh twist on colored hair looks is just around the corner, if you think big enough. Our stylists can do haircuts and color in the same appointment.

Whether you want a portion of your head shaved and dyed one color, or if you want to create an ombre with your layered hairstyle, AristaCuts can make it happen for you.