Relaxing Massage, Waxing Services, and more at Arista Cuts

Smooth Skin is Moments Away with Facial and Body Wax Services

We get it. Waxing is typically not the most pleasant experience to go through, depending on the amount of hair you want removed and your personal pain tolerance. At AristaCuts, that is not something you have to worry about anymore. Our waxing method is significantly more effective and less painful than you would experience at an average strip mall.

Our wax is heated in a melting device that allows us to carefully control the heat, ensuring that your skin will never be burned as a result. We apply a thin layer to the target area before quickly and carefully removing it. Immediately after removal, we apply a soothing lotion to relieve the minimal pain you will feel, and you are in and out of the salon in a flash.

We do everything from facial to body waxing, and you can give us a call at (814) 444-9999 for any questions. Depending on the thickness of the hair, your skin will feel smooth and silky for approximately three to four weeks.

Massage Treatments to Soothe and Heal Aches and Pains

There is nothing better than a soothing, healing massage, especially at the end of a long day. For those working laborious jobs morning to night, to those who have gone stiff sitting in a horrible office chair, healing massage can benefit everyone. Our licensed massage therapist offers a variety of massage treatments to reach even the deepest aches in your body:

•Swedish Massage
…and More.

We also offer hand and foot massages in tandem with our manicure and pedicure services, adding to the perfect pampering treatment of getting your nails done.

Ear Piercing Services to Add Flair to Your Look with Ease

Pierced ears can be stunning and make a great difference in your appearance. AristaCuts Hair & Tanning Salon offers ear piercing services at our location. Our piercing process is sterile, safe, and lasts mere seconds before you can show off your new, beautiful earrings.

Our piercing services are entirely free with the purchase of a pair of earrings, and we can apply them to everyone from infant age to adult.

Ear Candling Helps Clear the Canal to Improve Hearing and Comfort

It seems counterproductive to get rid of ear wax with candle wax, but it is more common and helpful than you think. Ear candling is an effective way to remove wax build up and impurities from the inside of your ear. It may seem like an intimidating procedure to have a ten-inch candle placed in your ear canal, but we can guarantee that ear candling is both safe and effective.

The process takes about thirty minutes, and you will feel like your ears are entirely cleaned out after you are finished. Clearing out the ear canal will leave you feeling fresh and unclogged, and your hearing will drastically improve.

For more information about our various spa and treatment options, call (814) 444-9999 or book online as soon as possible so you can feel cleansed and relaxed with a single appointment.