Relaxing Pedicures and Callus Skin Care

Spa Pedicures to Heal Rough Feet and Promote Relaxation

Our spa pedicures are relaxing and beneficial for rough, callused feet. Whether your feet go through a lot of labor and wear, or you just need some extra care, we have you covered.

We use whirlpool massage chairs for our pedicures, making our procedures not only beneficial to the health and cosmetic properties of your feet, but giving you a moment to relax. In addition to the benefits of the chair massage, the spa pedicure includes massage and reflexology services, doing wonders for how you will feel after compared to how you came in.

Want to match your toes to your fingers? Our selection of OPI Nail Lacquer shades will help you coordinate or mix-and-match your manicure and pedicure for an overall cohesive look. If you are ready to treat yourself to a relaxing and healing pedicure, call us at (814) 444-9999.

Soothing Pedicure Methods to Suit Every Need for Your Feet

We offer a variety of pedicure options to cater to your needs:

Hot Stone Pedicure

An intense pedicure that uses heated stones to resolve aches and pains and promote relaxation. The heat therapy from the stones relieves the muscles and pressure points, giving relief and rejuvenation.

Four Step Pedicure

We offer a 15-minute four step system designed to remove even severe dead skin from the feet. This four-step process includes a skin softening, foot peel, buffing session, and application of a moisturizing cream to finish off.

Paraffin Foot Dip

A wax treatment that can remove dead skin cells from the feet and promote moisture and smoothness to the skin. Our staff dips your feet several times into the melted paraffin wax and then covers them in plastic, allowing the wax to soothe the skin and take away roughness and dead skin. The warmth of the wax also opens the pores and releases impurities, leaving your feet soft and smooth. This treatment is available as an add-on to pedicures and manicures as well.

Foot Detox Treatment

Foot detox baths are one of the newest revolutions in the beauty industry, and we are proud to provide it to our customers. Foot detox baths pull toxins and impurities out of your body through your feet. You will feel cleansed and refreshed after this luxurious treatment.